Test Loader

nose’s test loader implements the same basic functionality as its superclass, unittest.TestLoader, but extends it by more liberal interpretations of what may be a test and how a test may be named.

class nose.loader.TestLoader(config=None, importer=None, workingDir=None, selector=None)

Test loader that extends unittest.TestLoader to:

  • Load tests from test-like functions and classes that are not unittest.TestCase subclasses
  • Find and load test modules in a directory
  • Support tests that are generators
  • Support easy extensions of or changes to that behavior through plugins

Override to select with selector, unless config.getTestCaseNamesCompat is True


Load tests from the directory at path. This is a generator – each suite of tests from a module or other file is yielded and is expected to be executed before the next file is examined.


Load tests from a non-module file. Default is to raise a ValueError; plugins may implement loadTestsFromFile to provide a list of tests loaded from the file.

loadTestsFromGenerator(generator, module)

Lazy-load tests from a generator function. The generator function may yield either:

  • a callable, or
  • a function name resolvable within the same module
loadTestsFromGeneratorMethod(generator, cls)

Lazy-load tests from a generator method.

This is more complicated than loading from a generator function, since a generator method may yield:

  • a function
  • a bound or unbound method, or
  • a method name
loadTestsFromModule(module, path=None, discovered=False)

Load all tests from module and return a suite containing them. If the module has been discovered and is not test-like, the suite will be empty by default, though plugins may add their own tests.

loadTestsFromName(name, module=None, discovered=False)

Load tests from the entity with the given name.

The name may indicate a file, directory, module, or any object within a module. See nose.util.split_test_name for details on test name parsing.

loadTestsFromNames(names, module=None)

Load tests from all names, returning a suite containing all tests.


Load tests from a unittest.TestCase subclass.


Load tests from a test class that is not a unittest.TestCase subclass.

In this case, we can’t depend on the class’s __init__ taking method name arguments, so we have to compose a MethodTestCase for each method in the class that looks testlike.


Given the yield value of a test generator, return a func and args.

This is used in the two loadTestsFromGenerator* methods.

resolve(name, module)

Resolve name within module


alias of TestLoader