Plugin Manager

A plugin manager class is used to load plugins, manage the list of loaded plugins, and proxy calls to those plugins.

The plugin managers provided with nose are:

This manager doesn’t implement loadPlugins, so it can only work with a static list of plugins.
This manager loads plugins referenced in nose.plugins.builtin.
This manager uses setuptools entrypoints to load plugins.
This manager loads extra plugins specified with the keyword addplugins.
This is the manager class that will be used by default. If setuptools is installed, it is a subclass of EntryPointPluginManager and BuiltinPluginManager; otherwise, an alias to BuiltinPluginManager.
This manager is for use in test runs where some plugin calls are not available, such as runs started with python test, where the test runner is the default unittest TextTestRunner. It is a subclass of DefaultPluginManager.

Writing a plugin manager

If you want to load plugins via some other means, you can write a plugin manager and pass an instance of your plugin manager class when instantiating the nose.config.Config instance that you pass to TestProgram (or main() or run()).

To implement your plugin loading scheme, implement loadPlugins(), and in that method, call addPlugin() with an instance of each plugin you wish to make available. Make sure to call super(self).loadPlugins() as well if have subclassed a manager other than PluginManager.

class nose.plugins.manager.PluginManager(plugins=(), proxyClass=None)

Base class for plugin managers. PluginManager is intended to be used only with a static list of plugins. The loadPlugins() implementation only reloads plugins from _extraplugins to prevent those from being overridden by a subclass.

The basic functionality of a plugin manager is to proxy all unknown attributes through a PluginProxy to a list of plugins.

Note that the list of plugins may not be changed after the first plugin call.

addPlugins(plugins=(), extraplugins=())

extraplugins are maintained in a separate list and re-added by loadPlugins() to prevent their being overwritten by plugins added by a subclass of PluginManager

configure(options, config)

Configure the set of plugins with the given options and config instance. After configuration, disabled plugins are removed from the plugins list.


Access the list of plugins managed by this plugin manager


alias of PluginProxy

class nose.plugins.manager.EntryPointPluginManager(plugins=(), proxyClass=None)

Plugin manager that loads plugins from the nose.plugins and nose.plugins.0.10 entry points.


Load plugins by iterating the nose.plugins entry point.

class nose.plugins.manager.BuiltinPluginManager(plugins=(), proxyClass=None)

Plugin manager that loads plugins from the list in nose.plugins.builtin.


Load plugins in nose.plugins.builtin

class nose.plugins.manager.RestrictedPluginManager(plugins=(), exclude=(), load=True)

Plugin manager that restricts the plugin list to those not excluded by a list of exclude methods. Any plugin that implements an excluded method will be removed from the manager’s plugin list after plugins are loaded.