Test Result

Provides a TextTestResult that extends unittest’s _TextTestResult to provide support for error classes (such as the builtin skip and deprecated classes), and hooks for plugins to take over or extend reporting.

class nose.result.TextTestResult(stream, descriptions, verbosity, config=None, errorClasses=None)

Text test result that extends unittest’s default test result support for a configurable set of errorClasses (eg, Skip, Deprecated, TODO) that extend the errors/failures/success triad.

addError(test, err)

Overrides normal addError to add support for errorClasses. If the exception is a registered class, the error will be added to the list for that class, not errors.


Overrides to print all errorClasses errors as well.

printSummary(start, stop)

Called by the test runner to print the final summary of test run results.


Overrides to check that there are no errors in errorClasses lists that are marked as errors and should cause a run to fail.