About the name

  • nose is the least silly short synonym for discover in the dictionary.com thesaurus that does not contain the word ‘spy.’
  • Pythons have noses
  • The nose knows where to find your tests
  • Nose Obviates Suite Employment

Contact the author

You can email me at jpellerin+nose at gmail dot com.

To report bugs, ask questions, or request features, please use the issues tab at the Google code site: http://code.google.com/p/python-nose/issues/list. Patches are welcome!

Similar test runners

nose was inspired mainly by py.test, which is a great test runner, but formerly was not all that easy to install, and is not based on unittest.

Test suites written for use with nose should work equally well with py.test, and vice versa, except for the differences in output capture and command line arguments for the respective tools.