Setuptools integration


Please note that when run under the setuptools test command, many plugins will not be available, including the builtin coverage and profiler plugins. If you want to access to all available plugins, use the nosetests command instead.

nose may be used with the setuptools test command. Simply specify nose.collector as the test suite in your setup file:

setup (
    # ...
    test_suite = 'nose.collector'

Then to find and run tests, you can run:

python test

When running under setuptools, you can configure nose settings via the environment variables detailed in the nosetests script usage message, or the setup.cfg, ~/.noserc or ~/.nose.cfg config files.

nosetests command

nose also includes its own setuptools command, nosetests, that provides support for all plugins and command line options. It works just like the test command:

python nosetests

See nosetests setuptools command for more information about the nosetests command.